Natural Shampoo Pods (2 Pack)

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Cleansely shampoo pods contain an all natural concentrated shampoo solution, all you have to do is pop one in a bottle and add water! Our shampoo is enriched with soy oil and vitamin E, moisturizing and providing the best results for your hair. 

Each pod makes one full bottle of shampoo


*Does not include shampoo bottle


Step 1: Insert pod into a clean empty bottle (16 floz or larger)

Step 2: Fill the bottle with 11 floz of water

Step 3: Shake the bottle and the pod will dissolve. Enjoy your all natural shampoo!


soy and coconut based surfactant dodecyl alcohol, hydrogen sulfate, cocoamidopropyl betine, sulfate of lauryl alcohol, laruamide dea, purified water, glycerin, sodium monochloride, sodium salt of EDTA, fragrance, honey, wheat protein, vitamin E, vitamin D3, sesame oil, panthenol